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The Kansas Bird Records Committee (KBRC) exists to review and document records of rare bird sightings in the state. If you have seen a species that is on the KBRC Review List, we ask that you document the sighting. We have several ways for you to do that. Below are links to both online reporting options as well as the report form in various formats that you may download and submit. Directions on where to send the form are on each form. We now have a short form for records submission IF you have high quality photos of the species. You may use this short form to make the submission process easier. First of all, email your photo to KBRC Secretary, Chuck Otte (cotte at twinvalley dot net). Do not look for a place to attach your photo to this report, there isn't one. The fill out this form to complete the report of your rare bird sighting for consideration by the Kansas Bird Records Committee. If the photo is not definitive, you may be asked for more details or to fill out the standard report form. We are asking for a minimum of details on this form, but this is information that we need to consider with your sighting. You can also include the requested information below in the body of the message when you email the photo to the secretary.

KBRC Standard Report Form

KBRC Short Report Form (if you have a definitive high quality photo)

KBRC Report Form (PDF format)

KBRC Report Form (Word format)

KBRC Report Form (RTF format)

Questions, comments and suggestions can be directed to Chuck Otte, KBRC Secretary.

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