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Kansas Bird Records Committee Official Report Form
Short Form for submitting sightings if you have a high quality photograph

If you have seen a species that is on the KBRC Review List, AND you have high quality photos of the species, you may use this short form to make the submission process easier. First of all, email your photo to KBRC Secretary, Chuck Otte (cotte at twinvalley dot net). Do not look for a place to attach your photo to this report, there isn't one. The fill out this form to complete the report of your rare bird sighting for consideration by the Kansas Bird Records Committee. If the photo is not definitive, you may be asked for more details. We are asking for a minimum of details on this form, but this is information that we need to consider with your sighting. You can also include the requested information below in the body of the message when you email the photo to the secretary.

Questions, comments and suggestions can be directed to Chuck Otte, KBRC Secretary.

A few instructions before you start. There are blank spaces in most of the boxes below. PLEASE do not backspace and delete these when your cursor enters that box! These spaces are needed in order to assure that the form is submitted with all the data fields, even if you don't need to put your data in the box. If you delete the spaces, then the forms will have missing fields when the computer spits them out to me, and my job of making these data into a coherent readable document is much harder!


Today's date:

Species common name (REQUIRED):

Species scientific name (REQUIRED):

 Date(s) of sighting: From


(if observation date is unknown or does not fall within the periods available above, select "other", and add date information to your description below)

Location of sighting ( town, lake, refuge, etc..) (Don't worry about the small apparent size of these text boxes; these are set to word-wrap, or automatically start a new line when you get to the end of a line. PLEASE don't use the ENTER or RETURN key within this box, as it makes it much more difficult for the secretary to get all of the information from your report, and might result in loss of information.)  Use the scroll buttons to move up and down if you fill up these boxes:


Time of Day:

Lighting/Viewing conditions:

Weather conditions:

Can we post your photos/videos/sketches on the KOS website, if appropriate?

Please list other observers of the bird(s):

Please give us the following information so that we can contact you for more information, if necessary:

Your name: 

Street Address/PO Box:

City:     State: 
ZIP:     Country: 

Your Phone Number: 

Your email address (REQUIRED):

If you have any other comments, contact information (work phone number,etc.), or suggestions for the KBRC, please add them here.

Clicking the "Submit" button below will send this form to the secretary of the Kansas Bird Records Committee.
Please don't forget to mail/email your photo(s) to:

Chuck Otte
11319 Dundon Rd
Milford, KS 66514

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