History and Mission of the Kansas Ornithological Society

We're KOS: The Kansas Ornithological Society

Don't let the name intimidate you!

We say this first because we know the word "ornithological" sounds pretty formidable, and we don't want it to scare anyone off before they see what a fun group we really are.

True, the name does fit. Ornithology means the study of birds, and that's what we're all about. And we do count among our members some of the world's top professional ornithologists and finest birders - as well as rank beginners, school children, and everything in between. All the better, we believe, to allow the unique mix of knowledge and enthusiasm that makes our way of studying birds so rewarding.

Just birds.

Formed in 1949, we're the only statewide organization in Kansas devoted specifically to the study, conservation, and enjoyment of birds. Collectively, the KOS has unrivaled knowledge about the status, distribution, ecology, and identification of the state's avifauna.

How and where to find them . . How to see them better (and know what you're seeing) . . . Why they do what they do . . . . What remains to be discovered . . . What we can do to help them survive, and why we as humans need them as much as they need us: These are just a few of the things you can learn as a member of KOS.

Privileges of membership.

Expertise: Benefit from others' while increasing your own in all facets of bird study and enjoyment, from "sport birding" to laboratory research, from backyard bird feeding to remote mistnetting operations.

Meetings and Field Trips: Enjoy our annual fall meeting, complete with paper sessions and field trips, and a two-day birding trip each spring, in select locations around the state.  For a listing of all past spring and fall meetings click here.

Periodicals: Receive our informal newsletter, The Horned Lark, and our scholarly quarterly Bulletin with any category of membership. Both are packed with the latest findings and fascinating tidbits about Kansas birds

Land: Visit the Dingus Natural Area, our 167 acre tract of prime wildlife habitat in eastern Kansas And, through our network of contacts, obtain access to birding "hot spots" virtually worldwide.

Bird-finding Tips: Keep abreast of sightings around the state and tell others of your own discoveries on the Kansas Bird Discussion List, KSBIRD-L.

And many more. To name a few:

Official Check-lists of Kansas Birds

Won't you join us?

Go to the page on membership information and print out the form and mail it in. It's that simple to become part of this fine organization.

You may view our Constitution and Bylaws here.

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