How to Submit KOS Paper Abstracts


The KOS fall meeting traditionally features papers given by scientists, students, and birders. Under normal circumstances, we were scheduled to have our Fall 2020 meeting at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. As with so many other plans this year, the novel coronavirus has caused safety concern with holding in-person gatherings.

Instead, our Fall 2020 meeting is going virtual and will be held the weekend of October 2-4. We will still be providing the opportunity to present papers, but with a new format. Replacing the in-person presentation is a pre-recorded video presentation that will go on our KOS YouTube channel for meeting participants and judges to view.

To submit an abstract for your presentation: Please fill out the Google Form provided in this link, 

*Your presentation should be approximately 10 minutes long, or less. If you need more time, please inform Jenn Rader ASAP!

Abstracts are due by no later than 6pm on September 21, 2020.

Example Abstract:

Interspecific competition with wildcats limits populations of jayhawks in northeast Kansas
Willie T. Wildcat*, Division of Biology, Kansas State University.

Ongoing declines in autumn populations of jayhawks (Cyanorufa chalkii) are a topic of conservation concern in Kansas. To assess the role of interspecific competition with wildcats (Felis purpula) as a factor contributing to observed populations trends, I conducted three-hour observation bouts of captive animals in large enclosed arenas. In competition trials, jayhawks demonstrated a strong aversion to environments saturated with royal purple. Thus, interspecific competition from wild felids may be a limiting factor that controls foraging and reproductive success of jayhawk populations in the state of Kansas. Effective conservation strategies for jayawks should include keeping cats indoors.

To submit your video presentation recording: Please create a slide presentation in your format of choice (PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.). We recommend recording your presentation through an app such as Zoom or Screencast-O-Matic on a desktop or laptop computer (not a mobile device), which will allow you to share your computer screen with your presentation show as well as record you presenting through your webcam (because we want to see your lovely faces!). Any other recording format that allows you to share your screen while simultaneously recording you through your computer's webcam will work if you have another software/app you prefer to use. **If you need help recording or sending your video, contact Jenn at the email provided.**

*Save your video and send it to Jenn Rader at jennrader34 at If you have a Google account, the easiest way to send a video file is through Google Drive. Another option is to compress the file into a Zip Folder. Follow this link for some different options:

Videos must be sent to Jenn Rader by no later than 6 pm on September 25, 2020. We will then upload videos to our KOS YouTube channel for student award committee judges and meeting participants to view. Judges and other viewers will be able to ask all presenters questions through the comment section of this YouTube channel. During the week of September 25 to October 3, we'll ask that all presenters check the comments and answer any questions pertaining to their video presentations. KOS YouTube:

Stay tuned for more details on the Kansas Ornithological Society's upcoming virtual Fall 2020 meeting

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