Itís A

Birding Blitz!


When COVID-19 wonít let you have a traditional

KOS Spring Field Trip, why not have a Birding Blitz!!!


Saturday, May 7th, midnight to midnight,

(Or any hours you wish to participate)

Pick a county (counties) and bird until you drop!

(Or you need a nap!)


Bird by yourself.

Bird with your family.

Bird with whomever you are comfortable to be with.


At 7 p.m. on the 7th weíll have a social hour (or two) via Zoom.


Keep track of your sightings and then send Chuck your list(s).

eBird check-list URL, or a typed list, or snap a photo of your handwritten list. Email it, text it, put in an envelope with a stamp or even via carrier pigeon!


To get the Zoom link, for the Saturday night social you need to register by sending an email to Chuck at


Email your check-lists for the 7th to

Or share them on eBird to KSOrnSociety

Or via Postal: Chuck Otte, 11319 Dundon Rd, Milford, KS 66514


Letís see how many Kansas counties we can cover!


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