Kansas Snowy Owl Invasion
Winter 2011-2012
updated as of April 8, 2012

Explanation note on this page: There is no way to be certain that certain Snowy Owl reports are not of the same bird, especially of reports in close proximity to each other.  When existence of multiple birds has been confirmed it will be indicated in the report following the map.  The listing is in a semi-chronological order, but often times reports arrived several weeks after an owl was seen.  Pay close attention to the dates under each listing.  When an owl has continued to be seen at a location I'll keep updating the "still seen" information when I receive it.

1. November 15 Dickinson County, K-15 highway one half mile south of Clay County line, first reported by Kathie Roy. Recovered on November 16th by Chuck Otte. Bird had apparently been hit by a truck. Specimen taken to KU by Otte.

2. November 21 Dickinson County about 10 miles south of Solomon. Non-flying bird recovered by a landowner. Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism (KDWP&T) was contacted, Pat Silovsky and Chuck Otte picked up the bird on November 22. Bird was extremely emaciated and died in transit back to Milford Nature Center.

3. November 27 Pottawatomie County - "at approximately 1650 a large snowy owl flew across Highway 16, mile east of Tuttle Creek bridge. Flight path was north to south hugging terrain while pursued by about 25 crows." Reported by Ruth Lynn Hooper.

4. November 28 Pottawatomie County at Jeffrey Energy Center (JEC) reported by Brandon Magette. Still present on November 30. Photos taken by Janzen and Groeneweg and posted on ksbirds.org. Still present on December 2.  January 20 - after no owls being present at JEC for several weeks, Brandon Magette reported one near the railroad tracks late in the afternoon.

5. November 28 Barton County From Curtis Wolf - "Rob Penner called me this morning and asked me to report a Snowy Owl he spotted on The Nature Conservancy's Cheyenne Bottoms Preserve. I don't have an exact location, but he saw it along the township road that goes through the Preserve (the road that enters 1 mile West of Redwing)."

6. November 30 Marion County. Snowy Owl at Marion Reservoir reported by Bob Hoopes. Originally seen on the face of the dam. On December 2nd the owl, or another, was south of dam about 1 mile. Photos January 7 - Participants in the Marion CBC located one Snowy on the Reservoir Dam and another at 180th & Pawnee (about 4 miles from the dam). The two were seen about the same time by two different parties indicating two different birds. (Photos of bird at 180th & Pawnee.)

7. December 6 Wabaunsee County, Bolton Wildlife area north of McFarland, southeast of Wamego. Second hand report from Ted Cable. Could possibly be the same bird that was at Jeffrey Energy Center.

8. December 10 - Butler County very near Harvey county line at 150th Road. First found by Rod Wedel. This bird was still present on January 4th and had been viewed and photographed by many people. Bird moved back and forth between Harvey and Butler counties. January 5 - Paul Griffin and Christopher Rogers reported a second Snowy Owl from this area.  Photos later confirmed that it was a different bird, much darker and marked amazingly similarly to one of the Marion County owls from earlier in December (#6). January 8 - Bird still present and photographed by Bob Gress. March 14 - Owl was found dead from an apparent vehicle strike. It weighed 876 grams indicating a very lightweight (starved) bird. Specimen taken to KU.

9. December 10 Nemaha County, west side of Centralia lake. The owl was observed, by a wildlife biologist, feeding on a dead mallard. Photo apparently taken with camera phone and forwarded to Mark Robbins. Reported by Tyler Harms, friend of the biologist. Robbins tentatively identified it as a young male.

10. December 18 Quivira National Wildlife Refuge (QNWR), Stafford County. Two Snowy Owls near the tern pads north of the Big Salt Marsh. Reported by Barry Jones. At least one still present on January 1st. Photos January 29 - One Snowy Owl still being seen, just south of the oil tanks along Marsh Rd/NE 170th north of Big Salt Marsh.

11. December 18 Smith County second hand report to Mike Rader of a Snowy Owl on a hay bale near 300 & C Road in Smith County.

12. December 19 Stafford County in a wheat field just west of St. John. Reported by Mary Pat Haddican.

13. December 21 - Kearny County. Mike Rader received a report of an injured Snowy Owl taken to a veterinarian  in Lakin. The bird later died.

14. December 22 Osborne County, extreme eastern part. Snowy Owl was seen during the Waconda Christmas Bird Count (CBC) by Dan Larson, Jim Malcom and Glenn Caspers. There had been reports from locals of two Snowy Owls in the area, but only one was found during the CBC.  (On December 8, Gene Young had received a report from a biologist acquaintance who reported a Snowy Owl along the causeway just south of Glen Elder.  This may have been one of the birds that the locals were talking about.)

15. December 22 - Barton County Pamela Martin forwarded an e-mail to Mike Rader: "Tom Bidrowski said he saw a Snowy Owl yesterday (21st) on the inlet canal. It flew across the road in front of him. Said it has a lot of brown on it." On January 2nd, Rob Graham photographed a Snowy Owl sitting on one of the concrete duck blinds at Cheyenne Bottoms WMA. January 7 - Snowy Owl still present in Pool #2.  Additional photo of the CB Pool #2 owl with outstretched wing. January 9 - Two Snowy Owls confirmed from Pool #2 being observed at the same time a few hundred yards apart, confirmed by Kansas Wetlands Education Center (KWEC) educator Eric Giesing. January 14 - Scott Seltman reports 3 Snowy Owls being seen at the same time in Pool #2.  January 15 - Scott Seltman reports 4 Snowy Owls being seen at the same time in Pool #2 at Cheyenne Bottoms. January 29 - Four Snowy Owls still being seen in Pool 2.

16. December 23 Shawnee County just west of Silver Lake sewer ponds. Bird was observed sitting on a center pivot irrigation system. Reported by Debra McKee.

17. December 25 Osborne County - Snowy Owl reported and photographed just south of the town of Osborne by Mike Rader, photos posted on ksbirds.org.

18. December 26 Rooks County about 1 mile south of the south shore of Webster State Park entrance. Good quality photo take by Delwin Larue and sent to Rader, forwarded to Otte. 

19. December 27 Washington County near Hollenberg. Low resolution photos were supplied to Dan Thalman who then forwarded them to Otte.

20. December 27 Phillips County near Glade. Second hand report from Henry Armknecht of one probable Snowy Owl near Glade and a second one near Gaylord (Smith County).

21. December 28 Geary County - Snowy Owl photographed by Rick Dykstra on the guardrail at the north end of the Milford Lake Dam.  Mark Robbins reported it as an immature female.  January 10 - Geary County - A local rural resident described to Jaye Otte a large very white owl flying away from a farm pond dam on Gfeller Road just north of Highway K-18.  This would be about 3 miles south of the Milford Lake Dam.

22. December 29 Washington County, Farmer sent Dan Thalman photo of Snowy Owl found dead on road 2 3 miles south of Linn. Bird was turned over to conservation officer of KDWP&T who then delivered it to Mark Robbins at KU.

23. December 29 Pottawatomie County. Brandon Magette reported that a Snowy Owl had been reported to him at K-16 and K-63 highway junction south of Havensville.

24. December 29 - Brown County - Janet Rebant reported that she had seen a Snowy Owl on a pole 3.5 miles north of Horton along US-73 highway on December 23rd.

25. December 30 - Rooks County - On December 30, Jonathon Vande Kopple reported a Snowy Owl at North Shore Bait and Tackle in Webster State Park.  Based on photographs, probably a different bird then #18. January 12 - Mark Billinger, KDWPT park ranger at Webster, photographed a Snowy Owl alongside US24 east of the State Park office that is probably the same bird the Vande Kopple photographed on the 25th. January 14 - Jonathon reported seeing a Snowy Owl, probably the same one, around US24 and 9 Road. January 21 - Jonathon observed a Snowy Owl again, this time down on the ice on the lake, it then flew to the shore.  Photo of this bird shows that it is likely the same bird as previously seen in this area.

26. December 30 - Trego County - Lynn Davingnon reported to Terry Mannell a Snowy Owl about one mile north of Collyer on the east side of St Peter Road.  The owl was observed sitting on a hay bale.

27. December 30 - Coffey County - Dan Williamson's team, on the John Redmond CBC, observed a "heavily barred" Snowy Owl within the restricted area of Wolf Creek Reservoir.  There were third hand reports of another Snowy from Coffey County and a dead Snowy from Wilson County.  On January 4th, KDWP&T staff reported a Snowy Owl near the Dam at Coffey County State Lake which could be the same as the Wolf Creek Reservoir Bird.

28. December 30 - Douglas County - Photo of a Snowy Owl on the rocks of the outlet area of Clinton Lake.  Photo on the Clinton Lake Corps of Engineers Facebook page. January 5th - confirmed by numerous birders that there are 2 Snowy Owls present.  One of the birds was photographed by Brad Williamson. January 6 - Michael Andersen confirms that there are 3 Snowy Owls in the Clinton Lake dam area. January 10 - A Snowy Owl was reported in NW Lawrence just north of 6th Street, near Lawrence Free State.  Could be one of the birds that had been at Clinton Lake Dam area. January 18 - The owl near Lawrence Free State is still being seen. January 20 -  At least one owl was once again present in the vicinity of Clinton Lake dam.

29. December 30 - Rooks County - An emaciated Snowy Owl was delivered to a federal rehabilitator.  The bird was found 3 miles south of Zurich in extreme southwest Rooks county.  Bird was still alive and responding on January 1st. On January 6th this bird was eating well but seemed to have difficultly flying in a flight pen.

30. December 31 - Reno County - A Snowy Owl was seen about 3 miles east of Quivira NWR in a private wetland area.

31. December 27 - Decatur County - Snowy Owl observed 4 miles northwest of Oberlin by Richard Barnes.

32. December 30 - Riley County - Snowy Owl observed in flight near intersection of US-77 and Fairview Church Rd by Ruth Lynn Hooper.

33. December 29 - Norton County - Snowy observed and photographed taking a duck at Sebelius Reservoir by Mary Kay Woodyard.  January 24 - More photos of what appear to be the same bird in the same setting are received from Darrell Skrdlant. Upon further study and additional information, this is probably the same bird referenced in #67.

34. December 31 - Hodgeman County - Snowy Owl flushed by hunters from field northwest of Hanston.  Reported by Daniel Smith, who's father was one of the hunters.

35. December 29 - Johnson County - Walt Corcoran observed a Snowy Owl off of I-35 near Gardner.

36. December 29 - Phillips County - Probably three separate Snowy Owls reported from the south side of Kirwin Reservoir by Craig Mowry, USFWS at Kirwin. January 7 - Sam and Terry Mannell report a Snowy Owl 1/4 mile north of the intersection of Xavier and Warrior on the north side of Kirwin Reservoir.  January 10 - USFWS staff located and photographed a Snowy Owl just east of the Refuge headquarters. January 23 and February 3 - two sightings, on the Refuge, possibly the same bird.

37. December 29 - Clay County - Snowy Owl photographed on Wakefield Causeway of Milford Lake.  This is K-82 east of Wakefield about one mile.

38. December 4 - Mitchell County - One Snowy Owl seen on south side of Waconda Lake about 2 miles southwest of the end of the dam by Toby Marlier, KDWP&T.  Not reported until January 3, 2012.  January 5 - Toby reported a Snowy Owl on the north shore of Waconda Lake, roughly 3 miles east of Cawker City.  This location is about 2 miles from the December 4th report. Owl was reported to appear to be in good condition. January 12 - Another report from south of the lake in the same area as numerous other reports.

39. December 17 - Greenwood County - One was seen by Bob Funke near 110 Rd and AA Rd.  Photos of a hatch year female were sent to Mark Robbins.

40. December 22 or 23 - Washington County - Dan Thalman was shown cell phone photos of a Snowy Owl south of Linn, about 2 miles north of the Clay County line.  This is very likely, given the location, the same bird as #29. A rather dated report of another Washington County bird near Barnes has not been confirmed.

41. January 4 - Sedgwick/Reno County, Cheney Reservoir area - Stuart Schrag and Chris Becker, KDWP&T employees at Cheney State Park reported a Snowy Owl below the Cheney Reservoir Dam.  Later observers saw the bird in both Sedgwick and Reno counties.  The bird was photographed by several people.  Photo

42. January 4 - Riley County - Snowy Owl was reported from the Konza Prairie Biological Research Station by Eva Horne. Photographed by David Rintoul and confirmed as an immature female by Mark Robbins.

43. January 4 - Ottawa County - David Roy saw and later photographed an immature female Snowy Owl near 280th and Nugget Road in east central Ottawa County.

44. January 5 - Marshall County - Three separate reports of a Snowy Owl between Oketo and Beattie.  Sarah Wood photographed the bird at 18th and Eagle Roads.  These all appear to be the same bird. January 24 - More photos received from Sarah Wood of this owl indicating it is still doing well.

45. December 29 - Wyandotte County - West of 7th Street Trafficway, just south of the Kansas River.  Found dead by a railroad worker.  Specimen was collected and taken to Mark Robbins at KU.  Another report from Wyandotte County from December 30 was of a Snowy Owl seen near a parking garage in front of a movie theater.  No further reports on this bird.

47. December 15 - Jewell County - A juvenile male or very old female was photographed north of Mankato.

48. mid-December - Allen County - A Snowy Owl was found dead of starvation near Moran.

49. December 20 - Jefferson County - Robbins was supplied a low resolution photo was supplied of a Snowy Owl on a telephone pole near Nortonville.

50. December 21 - Cloud/Republic County line - Robbins was supplied a good photo of a female that was more than one year old.

51. December ?? - Nemaha County - Reports of a Snowy Owl present for "some time".

52. January 2 - Douglas County - An injured Snowy Owl was recovered by Operation Wildlife from the Jayhawk Station post office.  It apparently hit a power line and fell to the ground. The bird did not survive and the specimen given to KU.

53. January 4 - Wyandotte County - Report of a Snowy Owl on the north side of the Legends shopping area near I-435 and Parallel, near the parking garage.  January 6 - Rita Alexander reported the bird still present at sunset on the 6th.

54. January 6 - Jewell County - Rob Unruh, KDWP&T wildlife area manager at Lovewell reported a Snowy Owl on a round bale near his house close to Webber.

55. January 6 - Douglas County - Galen Pittman reported a Snowy Owl at sunset at the Globe Prairie in extreme southwest Douglas County.  This area is 10 - 12 miles from the Clinton Lake Dam area and could possibly be one of the birds that had been seen there.

56. January 3 - Ellsworth County - Nolan Fisher, USACE Wilson Lake manager, observed a Snowy Owl at 4 p.m. about 3/4 mile south of the Smoky Hill River south of Wilson.

57. December 30 - Russell County - Matt Beckman, USACE, observed a Snowy Owl at 10:30 a.m. sitting on a terrace in a soybean field near 198th Street just south of Wilson Lake, Elm Creek boat cove ramp. January 27 - Ryan Williams, USACE, observed a Snowy Owl in a soybean field at 198th and Balta Road.  High probability it is the same bird observed by Matt Beckman on December 30th. January 29 - Matt Beckman observed another Snowy Owl sitting on the Cedar Creek bridge at 195 Blvd and Land Rd near Wilson Reservoir.  Cell phone photos indicate that this is a different bird from the one seen earlier.

58. January 6 - Osage County - M. McFarland reported a Snowy Owl sitting on a fencepost just south of K-68 highway on Paulen Road.

59. January 7 - Lincoln County - A Snowy Owl was seen along side the K-181 highway 4 or 5 miles north of Sylvan Grove. January 15 - Michael Pearce reported a Snowy Owl 4 miles south of Hunter.  This would be only 4 miles from the owl reported north of Sylvan Grove.

60. January 8 - Jefferson County - A Snowy Owl was seen on the rocks of the dam at Perry Lake just east of the outlet tower by Andrea & Brad May and photographedJanuary 9 - Tom Breeden apparently re-found the bird from the 8th as well as a second bird.  Photos obtained of both owls. January 11 - Both Snowy Owls are still present in the area of the Perry Mariana. January 19 - Bunnie Watkins reports that at least one Snowy Owl was still present.

61. January 4 - Osage County - A Snowy Owl reported southwest of the town of Olivet.  January 11 - A report to USACE personnel at Melvern Lake of a Snowy Owl at 333rd and Indian Hills Road could very well be this same bird.  January 12 - An article in the Osage County newspaper had a photo of a Snowy Owl taken at 333rd and Indian Hills Road by Becky Schmale and Larry Dorr.

62. January 6 - Reno County - A Snowy Owl was reported 15 - 20 miles south of Hutchinson along Highway K-17.   January 10 - A Snowy Owl was reported at Highway K-17 and Parallel Road, seen well by several observers.  This is very likely the same bird as reported "15 - 20 miles south of Hutchinson along Highway K-17". 

63. December 30 - Dickinson County (reported January 9) - A Snowy Owl was observed sitting on top of a power pole near 3400 & Quail Road in Dickinson County by Gail Stein.  This is 7.5 miles due west of #21 at Milford Lake Dam.  Description provided of this bird sounds different than photo taken of #21.

64. January 9 - Stafford County - Jeff Conley, KDWP&T, reported a Snowy Owl north of Byer in extreme southwest Stafford County.

65. - January 9 - Russell County - Mike Rader observed and photographed a Snowy Owl between I-70 and Old US 40 around mile marker 191 of I-70.  A short while later a different Snowy Owl was photographed in about the same location.

66. - January 9 - Russell County - A few minutes after observing #65, Mike also observed and photographed another Snowy Owl sitting on the "Visit Hays" billboard just east of the Russell I-70 Rest Area on the north side of the Interstate around mile marker 187.5.

67. January 9 - Norton County - Toby Kuhn and Brian Haug, KDWP&T, observed and photographed a Snowy Owl on a power pole by the prairie dog town of Prairie Dog Town State Park. Upon further study and additional information, this is probably the same bird referenced in #33.

68. January 9 - Cloud County - Matt Farmer, KDWP&T, observed and photographed a Snowy Owl at the south end of the Gun Club Marsh of Jamestown Wildlife Area.

69. January 9 - Dickinson County - Chad Volkman reported that a Snowy Owl had been seen in the area of 1900 Ave. and Eden Road for nearly a month, south of Abilene.  Photo. January 16 - Owl was still present, observed by Rintoul and others. January 21 - This same bird was observed by Jaye and Chuck Otte a mile west on Deer Road, south of 1900 Ave.

70. January 9 - Marion County - A Snowy Owl has been seen 7 miles west of Durham in extreme western Marion County.  This is roughly 15 miles northwest of the area around Marion Reservoir Dam where the other Snowy Owls had been seen recently.

71. January 9 - Clay County - Facebook photos were posted taken on the northwest edge of  Clay Center of a Snowy Owl sitting on a combine tire in the Bruna Farm Equipment lot by Michelle Alquist.  Photos were taken on January 8th, bird was not seen again.  Bird said to be an immature female by Robbins. 

72. January 9 - Johnson County - Daniel McLaughlin reported a Snowy Owl from the Streamway Park trails area of Overland Park.

73. January 10 - Rice County - Dan Whisler photographed a Snowy Owl on the north side of Avenue V about 3.25 miles east of the town of Sterling.

74. January 11 - Saline County - Dan Baffa received a report of a Snowy Owl near Stimmel and Hohneck (just northeast of Hedville).  Investigating the report, Dan caught a brief glimpse of what was probably the owl flying away. January 13 - Kat & Dennis Farres observed and photographed a Snowy Owl in a wheat field at the intersection of Magnolia and Link roads west of Salina in Saline County.  This is 6 miles southwest of the Baffa report and may represent the same bird.  No plumage description or photos were available on the owl that Baffa reported. January 29 - Bob Kruger reported a Snowy Owl on a utility pole one mile west of I-135 on Crawford Rd. This is about 7.5 miles from where Kat Farres photographed a Snowy and the description is very similar.  Possibly the same bird. In late February/early March a Snowy Owl was taken at the Salina Airport and the specimen taken to KU. Given the proximity of the Salina Airport to the location where Bob Kruger reported his sighting on January 29th, it is possible that this is the same bird.

75. January 10 - Pawnee County - Don Kazmaier had a conversation with a local farmer who reported a Snowy Owl scavenging a dead squirrel in the middle of the road about 4 miles northwest of Larned.  The farmer reported having to drive around the owl as it wouldn't fly.

76. January 11 - Rawlins County - Tony Wedel, Kansas Geological Survey, reported that their well water sampling crew had encountered a Snowy Owl along US Highway 36 halfway between Bird City and Atwood sitting alongside the railroad tracks.  Two more were seen somewhere in the northwestern counties but the crew members couldn't remember where. January 29 - Steve Comeau reported a Snowy Owl a few miles east of Bird City (Cheyenne County) along Highway 36.  This would be in the same area as the KGS well water sampling crew reported a Snowy on January 11th.

77. January 11 - Hamilton County - Tony Wedel, Kansas Geological Survey, reported that their well water sampling crew had seen a Snowy Owl near Syracuse. January 29 - Luke Schwieterman photographed a Snowy Owl one mile east and 6 miles north of Syracuse. With out better location description of the KGS well water sampling crew report, this bird is considered possibly the same one.

78. January 9 - Kingman County - A Snowy Owl photographed by Devon McBride is clearly a different bird than the one that was photographed in the Cheney Reservoir Dam area back on January 4 (#41 above).

79. January 10 - Kingman County - Richard Freund saw and photographed a Snowy Owl 6 miles south and 3/4 miles west of Cunningham in west central Kingman county.  The bird was seen from the 7th to the 10th, but was not relocated following the arrival of a strong cold front. January 16 - A dead Snowy Owl matching the one in the photo from this area was recovered and deliver to Robbins at KU.

80. January 10 - Gove County/Trego - Cheri Riffey reported a Snowy Owl sitting on a road sign very close to Quinter. January 13 - Jim Shroyer reported a Snowy Owl near I-70 at mile marker 118 a few miles east of Collyer.  Both reports were of a Snowy Owl that was quite white with few black markings on it.  These two reports were about 10 miles apart so feasibly could be the same bird or different birds.  The Snowy Owl reported from just north of Collyer on December 30th (#26) was less than 5 miles from the Shroyer bird.  Unfortunately, that report did not include a plumage description.

81. January 13 - Dickinson County - Debbie Clark photographed a Snowy Owl on K-43 highway halfway between Detroit and Enterprise.  January 17 - KDWP&T Conservation Officer Clint Thornton picked up a dead Snowy Owl in this same area that appeared to have been hit by a vehicle.  Specimen taken to KU.

82. January 9 - Pratt County - A report was filed with KDWP&T offices in Pratt of a Snowy Owl about 6 miles north of Cullison.

83. January 15 - Miami County - Vondia & Aureta O'Conner observed a Snowy Owl on a utility pole north of the intersection of Pleasant Valley Rd and 303rd Road in western Miami county.

84. January 13 - Saline County - A Snowy Owl was reported on Donmeyer Road just south of Old Highway 40 by Chris Fritz of Gypsum. It was sitting in a wheat field. January 25 - A dead Snowy Owl was picked up along I-70 by a Brent Theede a couple miles west of the Solomon rest area.  This is less than a mile from where the owl on Donmeyer road was reported and is likely the same bird.

85. January 17 - Kingman County - A Snowy Owl was picked up southwest of the Byran Walked Wildlife Area and delivered to wildlife rehabber, Ken Lockwood, Eagle Valley Raptor Center.

86. January 19 - Ellis County - Mike Corn, Hays Daily News, observed and photographed a Snowy Owl 1.5 miles south of the Fort Hays State University rodeo grounds.

87. January 19 - Ellsworth County - Matt Beckman (USACE) reported a Snowy Owl 1.5 miles north and 1/2 mile west of I-70 Exit 209.  The owl was sitting on a utility pole right on the Ellsworth/Lincoln County line.

88. January 21 - Clay/Dickinson County - Kristin Kloft reported a Snowy Owl in the vicinity of Rain Road and the Clay/Dickinson County line; Debbie Clark photographed a Snowy Owl in the same location.  January 23 - Chuck and Jaye Otte relocated the owl on the Dickinson County side of the county line at sundown, sitting at the edge of a field. January 25 - This owl perished, the specimen recovered and delivered to KU.

89. January 14 - Ness County - A Snowy Owl was reported on Highway K-4 near Arnold.  Another report from just west of Arnold on January 22 is likely the same bird.

90. January 19 - Rush County - A Snowy Owl was photographed on a fence post at the edge of a field 2.5 miles west of Hargrave.

91. January 22 - Trego County - A dead Snowy Owl was recovered by KDWP&T staff near Cedar Bluff Reservoir.  Staff reported two others in the area. January 31 - Doug Storer photographed a Snowy Owl on the road leading to the south shore cabin area at Cedar Bluff Reservoir. Could well have been one of the other two owls reported in the area by KDWP&T staff.

92. November 22 - Finney County - Report was received on January 23, 2012 that an injured Snowy Owl was taken to the Garden City Zoo by a rancher who had found it NE of Kalvesta.  The zoo vet performed surgery on the injured right leg but the owl was apparently too weak to survive.

93. January 6 -  Norton County - A Snowy Owl was observed in crop fields 7.5 miles north of Norton by Darrell Skrdlant.

94. January 24 - Jackson County - Greg Stempien reported that a friend saw a Snowy Owl 1.8 miles east of Whiting along highway K-9 perched in a tree.  A low light photo showed a probable immature female.

95. January 25 - Russell County - A Snowy Owl with an eye injury was picked up north of Lucas by a KDWP&T employee.  The owl was delivered to the Milford Nature Center for rehab.

96. Around January 18 - Sumner County - Jeffrey & Curtis Defore found and photographed a dead Snowy Owl about 6 miles NW of Caldwell in Sumner County. The bird was found near the base of a utility pole and was reported to be very lightweight.  No evidence of impact trauma.

97. January 29 - Pottawatomie County - Dave Rintoul reported a fairly heavily barred Snowy Owl 1/2 mile west of K-13 Highway and 1/4 mile north of Twin Mound Road on the east side of Tuttle Creek Lake.

98. January 14 - Pratt County - Dan Livingston reported a Snowy Owl near the town of Cairo.

99. January 30 - Ellis County - Sam and Terry Mannell photographed a Snowy Owl on US 183 one mile past Antonio Road. This is thought to be a different bird than the one photographed by Mike Corn (#86). On February 24 Conservation Officers with KDWPT picked up a dead Snowy Owl one mile east of US 183 on Antonio Rd. This would be a little over a mile from where the Mannells photographed their bird on January 30th.

100.  February 1 - Kearny County - Jim Christianson saw a Snowy Owl in a field, then on a center pivot, at Road W and 140, about one mile east of Lakin.  The bird was described as having a very white head and tail with some black spotting on the back and wings.

101. February 1 - Russell County - Luke Kramer, KDWP&T, picked up a dead Snowy Owl southwest of the town of Russell, possibly a vehicle impact.

102. January 31 - Atchison County - Photos were received from Sara Banks, taken earlier in the month, of a Snowy Owl on a fence post near her house.  Owl was fairly white with nominal spotting on the back.

103. February 2 - Wyandotte County - Steve and Sarah Roels observed a Snowy Owl perched on a road sign 20
feet from the northbound lanes of 435 at the overpass with I-70 (Kansas) at 7:25 in the morning..

104. Ft. Riley - Riley County - Based on photos, two different Snowy Owls were seen/photographed on Ft. Riley, both in Riley county.  The first one was seen December 27, 2011 sitting on a security fence along US Highway 77 about 2 miles north of the K-82/US-77 intersection. On February 2, 2012 another Snowy Owl was seen on the east side of Maneuver area D.

105. Around January 27 - Ottawa County - Jim Lehman was seen a Snowy Owl repeatedly in the Verdi area, around 230th and 240th Roads and Buffalo Road.

106. January 26 - February 1 - Mitchell County - Brad Treaster has, on three different occasions seen a Snowy Owl near the intersection of Highway K-14 and V Rd in southern Mitchell County.

107. February 4 - Sedgwick County - Jeff Calhoun received a report of a male Snowy Owl seen in a field on the southeast corner of 151st St W and 53rd St N near Colwich.

108. February 5 - Russell County - Mike Rader reported a Snowy Owl from the Lucas Swimming Beach area in the Lucas Park recreation area on the north shore of Wilson Reservoir. Ben Nondorf provided photos of this bird. February 6 - About 6 miles northwest of this location, Terry Mannell received a report of "an almost white Snowy Owl with a few dark markings". Location was given as on Mellard Road approximately 6 miles east of the blacktop going north out of Bunker Hill. This could be the same bird as photographed in the Lucas Swimming Beach area, as that owl was not seen on February 6 at Lucas Swimming Beach. March 5 - A Snowy Owl was reported by Matt Beckman, KDWPT, in the Minooka Park area of Wilson Reservoir. Given the proximity of Minooka to Lucas Swimming Beach and the number of reports and sightings from the Wilson Lake area, this is likely another sighting of a previously reported owl.

109. February 5 - Wabaunsee County - Marty Birrell, Prairie Park Nature Center, Lawrence, received a Snowy Owl for rehab that had been hit and recovered from along I-70, near the truck scales. It appeared to be a sub-adult female weighing 3.3 pounds with no apparent fractures.

110. January 5 -  Sedgwick County - Biologists at McConnell AFB hazed a Snowy Owl from the airfield. It is difficult to know where this bird may have relocated. No description of possible age or sex.

111. December 17 (report received February 8) - Cloud County - A Snowy Owl was photographed at 1023 Deer Road, Delphos, by Dustin Patterson. This is along US24 about half way between Glasco and US81.

112. February 2 - Marion County - Barry Southon photographed a Snowy Owl along US77 just north of the interchange with US56.

113. January 27 - Crawford County - A dead Snowy Owl was picked up on K-7 between Girard and Farlington. Bird was taken to Southeast Kansas Nature Center.

114. February 4 - Cherokee County - 3 people observed a Snowy Owl near the junction of K-103 and US-69 just south of the Cherokee-Crawford County line.

115. December 1 - Cowley County - Victor Walker saw a Snowy Owl at the Winfield City Lake and took distant photos on his cell phone. Reported to Max Thompson.

116. February 14 - Kearny County - Jessica Bender observed a Snowy Owl (and later photographed) along US Highway 50 at County Road X, a mile east of Deerfield.

117 . February 8 - Lincoln County - 4 miles south of Beverly

118. February 17 - Miami County - KDWPT employee reported a Snowy Owl on the dam at Hillsdale Lake. Reported to Mike Watkins.

119. February 18 - Atchison County - Dan Larson observed a Snowy Owl sitting on a pump house near the intersection of Bourbon and 286th Road.

120. February 22 - Scott/Lane County - Dead Snowy Owl on side of K-4 highway between US83 and Healey. Not recovered.

121. February 22 - Ellsworth County - 8th Rd and Avenue D, 7 miles east of Wilson. Bird in field seen by Coop employee applying fertilizer, photographed by Dave Klema.

122. Feburary 4 - Russell County - KDWPT Conservation Officers reported a Snowy Owl just north of the Russell-Barton County line on 179th Street.

123. February 12 - Barton County - KDWPT Conservation Officers picked up a dead Snowy Owl near NW 220th Rd and NW 30th Ave.

124. March 3 - Rush County - KDWPT Conservation Officers picked up a dead Snowy Owl 5 miles north of Otis.

125. March 5 - Logan County - A Snowy Owl was seen and photographed 3.2 miles west of US Highway 83 on the gravel road to Smoky Valley Ranch reported by Eric Giesing.

126. March 4 - Russell County - Bob Nicholson reported a Snowy Owl on the wing at I-70 Exit 180 (Balta Road) just west of the town of Russell.

127. March 8 - Johnson County - Several reports of a Snowy Owl near 151st and Lone Elm Rd in Olathe.

128. March 7 - Sherman County - A Snowy Owl was reported by James Edward from near Road 20 and Road 63 just south of Goodland.

129. March 12 - Dickinson County - Jim Mayhew photographed a Snowy Owl 3.25 miles south of Solomon and 3.25 miles east along County Road 1900.

130. March 15 - Scott County - A Snowy Owl was observed 6.5 miles west of Scott City, just north of the HRC Feed Yards. This bird was still present on April 2.

131. March 6 - Logan County - Dan Mulhern flushed a Snowy Owl just after sunset along 350 Road very near the Ute Road intersection.

In the winter of 1974-75 there was a large Snowy Owl invasion in Kansas.  The late Bob LaShelle wrote a short note for the publication The Bird Watch which was published by the Bird Populations Institute (Volume 3 Number 9).  The article included a map put together by Tom Shane.  The article can be viewed here as a PDF file. (Thanks to Tom Shane for supplying the article.)

Information compiled and updated by Chuck Otte.