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Kansas birds and Kansas birding are discussed in a lively listserv, which is maintained by Chuck Otte at Kansas State University. The topic of the listserv is "Birds and their habitats in Kansas," and you are welcome to join and participate in the discussions. This list has been created to provide a forum whereby any interested individuals can join into a discussion of Kansas Birds. This is a list dedicated to wild birds not caged, pet or domesticated birds.  This discussion can include, but is not limited to, bird sightings - housing - feeding, conservation and political issues that pertain to birds of Kansas, questions of all kinds regarding wild birds, postings of recent birding trips around (or near) Kansas, etc.

You can read the archived messages and even join the list at the KSBIRD-L website. If you have questions, contact one of the listowners, Chuck Otte, Jerry Reeck, or Dave Rintoul

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